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Peace in Pieces: Winter's Cold

Welcome to the second entry of our 14 song roll-out for the next album, entitled Peace in Pieces!! We'll be sharing these songs in sequence of the album with the stories behind them every Monday morning, so you can sink your teeth into them at your leisure.

Winter's cold was started as an idea years ago and finished with Guitarist Josh Nelms on Thanksgiving Day, 2017. It may seem frilly on the surface, but this song has a profound meaning with grit that I rarely see in today's songwriting. Very few relationships these days even last long enough to brave the winter. Ask your grandparents, they know. Keep reading to see what I'm talking about!


I had a hesitancy to write this song... I started writing it, and then I ended up letting go of an 8 year relationship, so it felt uncomfortable and fraudulent. I put it to the side for a year or so until I spoke with a friend who was going through something like this and I was inspired by his loyalty in the face of rejection and fear. She left. He has waited patiently for her for 2 years while she tries to find her happiness, staying loyal against all odds. It's a painfully beautiful thing to witness. Love is such a mystery to me. I do believe in loving deeply and honestly... and when the love runs out, you run on the fumes of loyalty until it peeks it's head out again. True love lasts the winter. I believe if it doesn't last, it wasn't meant for you.

When the bells have been rung and the lust has lost its luster, it's pretty typical for relationships to end. It's widely accepted in this culture to "follow your heart" and there is very little talk of conflict resolution or what to do when you love someone who endures extreme grief or depression... or addiction... or health issues. This song is about enduring that grief and loving despite the pain. It's about the sequel to the Fairytale endings; when Cinderella tells the prince she's not happy and leaves to find herself and he waits for her, sleeping on the couch, waiting by the phone, holding to hope. I pray that never happens to me (or you), but it does happen... and if it does, I hope I can find the capacity give myself or be given that kind of devotion. I want a love that lasts the winter. Thats why we wrote this song. We all deserve to be waited for.

Truthfully, there comes a time to let go of that which no longer serves you. You can't fight in vain, setting yourself on fire to keep someone else warm. This is about something entirely different: Patience and persistence in the face of adversity. It's about trust and hope. It's about loyalty and devotion despite the odds. I hope we all get to experience the kind of selfless love my friend has given his wife at least once in our lives... The world would be a better place for it.


Winter's Cold

In the beginning we had love

Pure as light, strong as truth

We could gain or loose it all

knowing our love would see us through

Now as the chill of our heartache begins

I know the winter won't do us in

and I will patiently wait

till the season changes again

Darlin' I will wait

for our love to bloom

because I know

we're still thick at the root

and no winter's cold

could ever undo

the love I have for you

How can you mend what's been torn

frozen and withered on the vine

Prune the wreckage, watch it fall

and find healing in the sunshine

Darlin' I will wait

for our love to bloom

because I know

we're still thick at the root

and no winter's cold

could ever undo

the love I have for you

I'm not too proud to hold to hope

I'm not afraid to brave the cold

our love's too strong to let it go

Baby, we've got to hold on

So, Darlin' I will wait

for our love to bloom

because I know

we're still thick at the root

and no winter's cold

could ever undo

the love I have for you

New Recording: Fireflies

We finished our recording at FAME studios last year but this new song, Fireflies, was too close to home for us to leave it off the album. I love this song for so many reasons, but mainly because of the sense of peace it gives me. It's comforting and hopeful and just different enough to be an essential voice on this album. It is the perfect capstone and it gives us a little piece of home. We recorded in Largo at Creative World Studios with George Harris, who is a good friend and an incredibly talented musician in his own right. We've worked with him on our last two albums and it's only fitting that he have his hands on at least a small part of our newest and best project. It's the last piece of the Peace if you know what I mean...

The song features Betty Fox on vocals/ acoustic guitar, Josh Nelms on electric guitar, Barry Williams on bass, and our newest addition -Jake Winebrenner on drums! We're so excited to share this song with you!!

George Harris, Josh Nelms, Barry Williams and I telling tales as we set up for the recording!

New Press:

I did my first interview for the album with Broadtube Music Channel on Tuesday!! Click the link below to read!

New T-shirt Design:

Weekend Recap:

Thursday, March 21- Tampa Tap Room 8-11

Tampa Trap room was busy this Thursday!! I'm really grateful this gig is catching on, because we've been working on it for over a year and it's nice to see the fruits of your labor!

Friday, March 22- Motorworks Brewing, Bradenton 7-11

Motorworks is always fun! I like the outdoors atmosphere and the games and huge dance floor! If you haven't been, it's worth a visit next time you come to Bradenton!!

Saturday, March 23- Sarasota National 4-7

This was a private country club gig and we had a blast! We played music by the pool and had people dancing and hooting and hollering! I love this job!

Sunday, March 24- Good Sunday Revue, The Ale and the Witch, St. Petersburg 4-7

The Good Sunday Revue is hands down my favorite show we do. Yesterday we had a blast, played music, and raised $380 for Redefining Refuge!! Learn more about how they are taking care of the kids who have slipped through the cracks at their website here:

Upcoming Shows:

Wednesday, March 27- Hideaway Cafe'7:30-10:30

Thursday, March 28- Tampa Tap Room8-11

Friday, March 29- O'Maddy's 5-8:30

Saturday, March 30- Ka'Tiki 7-11

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