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Peace in Pieces: Green Light

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Welcome to the first entry of our album roll-out!! We're sharing these songs in sequence of the album with the stories behind them (every Monday morning) so you can sink your teeth into them at your leisure.

The first song on the album is Green Light, which is truthfully what we have been waiting for. At this point, we're just making our own Green Lights in this industry, and your support is all we need. This is a fun rock-soul tune strongly influenced by the Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, and Aretha Franklin, created to make you dance and hopefully feel the love. Continue reading below for insight into the inspiration for this tune!


When I was little, my family and I would go on road trips up to the mountains of North Carolina. We would pack the car to the gills and my Mom would lay blankets and pillows over the seats and we would roll the windows down and listen to Tom Petty, the Rolling Stones, Aretha, the Beatles and Bob Marley, sticking our bare feet out the window and screaming Free-Fallin', American Girl, RESPECT, and Brown Sugar till our lungs collapsed the whole way there.. We'd play the alphabet game and a game called Baby-Cat-Dog (too ridiculous for a description) and go camping and tell ghost stories by the fire. We'd go tubing down the Ichetucknee River, stopping on the side for lunch-time picnincs as we let the warmth of the sun dry our hair. We'd take naps in hammocks. At some point during the trip, my Mom would make it a point to take us on what she called "Adventures", where she would decide at the spur of the moment to turn down an old dirt road and tell us we were going on an adventure while she turned up the music and we'd look for blackberries while we jammed to the tunes, stopping at Mom & Pop stores to get honey sticks. My little sister and I would get excited and begin looking out the windows at the rolling fields and point out the horses and sing along to all of Tom Petty's greatest hits. This was back before GPS and insecticides when you could get lost and eat ripe organic blackberries on the side of the road. Those memories remain the fondest memories of my childhood. I relished in the freedom and adventure of the road, knowing that love, comfort, and blackberry goodness awaited us. I still embrace that feeling when I go on road trips, and I wanted to give it a sonic place in my art so I could revisit it whenever I wanted. Perhaps if you close your eyes and listen, you can see yourself riding through the mountains- barefoot with the windows down, wind blowing in your hair, knowing that comfort awaits you wherever you might end up. That's the idea anyway.

Green Light

I packed my bags and headed east

With a heart of stone and broken wings

Afraid to fly, afraid to sink

And a heavy load a-burdening

Swing low, chariot, swing low

Fell from grace and I found your love

Found my way home with calloused knees

And a heavy load a-burdening

And I'm just waiting for the green light

So I can make it to the red eye flight

Gonna see my baby any way I can make it

I'm leaving tonight

Don't you know he's gonna

Hold me

Console me

Show me

My destiny

Oh, and I can't wait

He's gonna take my hand

And I'm just waiting for the green light

So I can make it to the red-eye flight

Gonna see my baby any way I can make it

I'm leaving tonight


Weekend Recap:

Wednesday, March 13th- The Hideaway Cafe'-

Dimly lit with comfortable seating and delicious food, this listening room is a crowd pleaser!

We are completely spoiled by the respect the Hideaway has for their artists and the love you folks show us!

Friday, March 15th- The Alley

From the very beginning, the Alley has always been second home to us. They used to have a jam night every Thursday (about 10 years ago) that I attended regularly and practiced and got over my stage fright! This place will always have a special place in my heart.

Saturday, March 16th- Buckingham Blues Bar

Its always great to get back to to Buckingham Blues Bar!! Tommy Lee always treats us great and he had a huge crowd out there for his killer set! Then they fed us at the Hut next door and we played another show inside!! It was a much more intimate setting and we were able to play a lot of our original music, which we always appreciate!

Sunday, March 17th- Betty's Birthday Good Sunday Revue @ The Ale and the Witch

The Ale & the Witch is always my favorite place to play. The people are sweet and generous and we get to do beautiful things for our community, which has given my life a lot of purpose and meaning. Brett Andress is a genius and a total sweetheart and he bought me a cake for my birthday... and as I blew out the candle, he said to me in secret "May you be as inspired by the world as you inspire others" and I almost teared up because he is the most kind soul ever. The cake was delicious. We got to share it with the crowd. My friends brought me flowers and cards and people bought t-shirts and cd's and I felt an overwhelming sense of love. Sometimes it's easy to forget how loved I am... thank you for reminding me! It was one of the best days I've had in a long time.

The Betty Fox Band 3/17/19 at The Ale and the Witch

Upcoming Shows:

Thursday, March 21- Tampa Tap Room 8-11

Friday, March 22- Motorworks Brewing, Bradenton 7-11

Saturday, March 23- Sarasota National 4-7

Sunday, March 24- Good Sunday Revue, The Ale and the Witch, St. Petersburg 4-7

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